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I write weird books for teens. Another word for “weird” is speculative fiction, which is fantasy, sci fi, time travel, supernatural, paranormal, alternate history, dystopian, steampunk, or anything else WAY out of the ordinary.

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Here I blog about adventures in life, writing, and reading. I have a lot of random thoughts in my head too. This is the place I like to share them.

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Looking for clean teen fiction written from a Christian worldview? You found it! Come on in and search the Novel Teen database for books reviews. You can search by genre, gender, age range, or author to find the books you’re looking...

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Onyx Eyes: A fantasy story blog. Coming January 2014.

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I podcasted By Darkness Hid and To Darkness Fled, books one and two in the Blood of Kings series.  You can listen online or download the MP3s. Click “Continue Reading” to find out more. It’s free!
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CSFF Blog Tour – One Realm Beyond by Don...

In Category: Jill Williamson's Blog
It's been a while since I participated in the CSFF Blog Tours, but since I've scaled back on my Novel Teen blog, I thought I'd get involved again. This month they are featuring One Realm Beyond by Donita K. Paul, the first book in a new young adult fantasy series. This was a really fun book. I'll post my review tomorrow, but today I wanted to talk about the storyworld. I'm a storyworld-first writer, so storyworlds always intrigue me.

Onyx Eyes: Chapter Five, part two

In Category: Onyx Eyes
So not only were Aerials still keeping human slaves, they were sending their worst offenders into the human realm. Even with memory casts to maintain order, such a practice was utterly selfish, careless, and very dangerous. Up ahead, a door opened and a plump woman stepped into the hallway. She wore a black dress and apron. “Fin! So good to see you, dear boy. How was the trip?” She embraced Drake in a smothering hug.

Onyx Eyes: Chapter Five, part one

In Category: Onyx Eyes
Just after breakfast, the procession set off. King FosterBrokk, his wife and son, and the rest of his court had filled the tournament stands to see the Aerial king off. It gave the appearance of a great celebration, but Drake knew better. Relations between the Grounder and Aerial kingdoms were more strained than ever.

Onyx Eyes: Chapter Four

In Category: Onyx Eyes
If you’re new here and would like to read the previous chapters, click here. FYI, I went back and rewrote the previous chapters before I wrote chapter four. That helped me figure out how the spell had...

Onxy Eyes: Chapter Three

In Category: Onyx Eyes
I hadn't planned for there to have been a spell on Drake, but now that I've added it, I like that there are some mysterious people trying to help him. And when I rewrite it, I will go back in and add clues of Drake sensing a powerful magic but not knowing why. And I'll also add a warning from Tulak about him sensing the magic on Drake too.

Free Ebook for Subscribers

In Category: Jill Williamson's Blog
It’s the year 1283. Prince John of Cypress and Jerusalem, at eighteen years of age, is about to take the throne. But a mysterious senet box he found in an Egyptian treasure hoard had John’s full attention. It calls to him. Some say he is obsessed. But he must solve the mystery of the box, if only to know he is not insane.

Zondervan’s Safe Lands Ebook Sale

Zondervan/Blink has put the ebook of Captives on sale to celebrate the release of Outcasts. Click on the ad below to see the interactive ads, as mine is just a copy of their image. Or you can click on these links to find the ebooks.

Onxy Eyes: Chapter Two

In Category: Onyx Eyes
If you’re new here and would like to read the previous chapters, click here. Also, please note, I changed Drog’s name. It was too close to Drake. He is now called Tulak.   Chapter Two   Drake...

Vote for the Cover of The Senet Box

In Category: Jill Williamson's Blog
What is The Senet Box, Jill? The Senet Box is the short story I wrote as a contribution to the Spirited anthology. I’ve decided to release the story as a gift whenever someone signs up for my Sanctum...

Onyx Eyes: Chapter One

In Category: Onyx Eyes
“Even fairies can die, Captain.” Drake scowled down on the freedman standing beside him. “We’re not fairies, Kenneth.” The old man waved his hand. “You know what I mean. Only the Old Ones are immortal. The rest of us—malaki . . . human . . . Our lives are a mist that appears for a little while, then vanishes.”

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